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Restricting WiFi access

This may be a silly question, but is it possible to restrict the access to my wifi network at home at certain hours in a straight forward manner?

My teenagers use thier laptops and mobile phones to access the internet.

Nothing too technical please.

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Re: Restricting WiFi access

There are modems that you can configure to connect only between certain hours.

Netgear and Belkin, for one. 

They are fairly easy to setup for access times, you just configure the daily hours you want it to connect.


I don't think you can restrict times for Telstra modems though.  You could simply unplug it when you want to restricy times (my neighbours do this).






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Re: Restricting WiFi access

The lowest tech option I can think of is to put a timer on the main power cable of the router and set that accordingly. The cost around $15 If you want to just restrict access to your kids' PC and phones, I'd look at a "security" software. For PC there are several, I use k9 which lets me set certain times my daughter cannot use the PC or the Internet For smart phones there are a few as well but I'm not too familiar with them yet
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Re: Restricting WiFi access

Cheapest way to do it:


A) Confiscate mobile phones, hide them somewhere the kids dont know about.
B) If running win7 computers,  1)goto "user accounts" and enable Adminstrator a/c or create another user with admin privledges. 2) log into admin a/c create password (1 the kids dont know) 3)goto "user accounts" and select parenting controls - headings are a)time limits, b)game restrictions c)program restrictions, - under time limits just colour the required blocked hours - hours of bolcking are set on the hour, ie 8am-9am you cant set 8:30am - 9:30am.


B) would need to be done while they were out lol..... and then play dumb when it cuts out....


Hope this helps....

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Re: Restricting WiFi access


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