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Reuse Telstra Gateway Max



I am an existing long term Telstra customer who has cable broadband and a bundled account. I still have the older Motorola Surfboard SB5100 cable modem which is connected to a seperate router for sharing the internet connection throughout my home (both wired and wireless).


My mother is also an existing Telstra cable broadband customer who lives at a different address and has a seperate account. At her residence she recently upgraded from a really old Motorola Surfboard modem to the new Telstra Gateway Max (C6300) Cable Gateway with AC Wi-Fi capability. Due to an unexpected change in her circumstances she is now moving from her house into a unit and the unit complex has NBN. As such, when her Tesltra account was transferred from the house to the unit the Telstra Gateway Max was deactivated on her account and she was sent a new NBN modem/router for the unit.


She has given me her Telstra Gateway Max (C6300) Cable Gateway as it is no longer useful to her and it is still basically brand new, in the hopes I could use it at my house.


My question is, can I use the Telstra Gateway Max (C6300) Cable Gateway on my account. Assuming I call and provide you with the gateway details will you be able to activate the device on my account (and presumably deactivate my old Motorola Surfboard SB5100)?




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Re: Reuse Telstra Gateway Max

Hi Justin, all that is feasible, and yes to get the process for reasignment of the unit re-activate etc. might be an idea to have a chat with the broadband tech support team: tel://133933/


or use the online chat facility; https://livechat.telstra.com/TCOM:ContactUs:Technical:Broadband



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