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Ridiculous service and ADSL Speed




My internet hasnt been working for the last couple of months, i was finally able to get telstra to send out a Tech and he fixed the issue ( for 2 days ). THe speed was around the 3.6 megabits per second mark. This morning when i tried to use the internet the speed had again droped to 0.04 megabits per second. 


After calling tech support i was informed that there is congestion on my "card" at the exchange and that it could take months to years to fix. 


Is there a soluition for this as i feel that either the wrong information has been given and that no solution is actually being done. 


Thank you in advance for any support i can get. 



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Re: Ridiculous service and ADSL Speed

It sounds as though you may be on the receiving end of RIM congestion. It means that the bandwidth available to the RIM/Cabinet your services runs off isn't sufficient to handle the load of all the customers connected to it. This is generally more obvious during afternoon/evening peak periods.

Unless your cabinet is slated for an upgrade (as part of the TopHat program) then there isn't much you can do. Even if it is, it's a waiting game until that happens unfortunately.
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Re: Ridiculous service and ADSL Speed

Hi keyjohnson,


This link has the planned upgrades for Telstra, be they software upgrades (increase available bandwidth), hardware upgrades (more fibre into the exchange) or the Top-Hat upgrades (ADSL2+ compatible exchanges installed into RIM cabinets)


Congestion is a sucky issue, I have personally experienced it - my home service was unusable during 5pm-11pm every night, usually worked great guns otherwise.


Bad news is that if you are on a congested exchange NBN is the way of the future and there are very few - if any - upgrades occurring in the future for ADSL.  Doesn't really make sense to put in a new $100,000+ DSLAM when it's going to be ripped out in the next 10 years to make way for Fibre, you may be one of the few lucky ones but I would doubt it.


If you don't feel that you're getting a resolution then try calling again or lodge a complaint - you will be soon told if the exchange is congested and what (if any) upgrades are planned, unfortunately/likely you will get the answer of "yes you are congested and we're not planning upgrades" in which case I hope NBN is rolling out for you soon Smiley Sad

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Re: Ridiculous service and ADSL Speed

Hi KyeJohnson,


I am sending you a private message, if you would like to provide me with your details, I will have a look at your service and advise if there is anything we can do to assist or not as the case may be.


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