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Ridiculously difficult time getting connected

I am trying to get connected to Telstra HFC network.


25th August: spoke to consultant who was to organise a connection for me. I specifically told him that I have a battle-axe block and that I want my house setup for cable running in the original lead-in conduit


Nothing happened


3rd September I chased someone up about it who said cable was now available so I signed up


nothing happened


15th September: I went into a store to check on the status. He told me a technician was booked to come out to my place on the 20th


20th September: After waiting around all day, no technician showed up


23rd September: I was told that my account was put onto hold and that no technician could possibly have been booked. Despite this, I had not been contacted and apparently the guy at the store was just lying to me. My account was deleted and a new order placed.


26th September: A technician came out to inspect the house. He took one look at it and said "Telstra don't do battleaxe blocks. They did years ago but not anymore. The conduit installed going to your property is 20mm conduit. You need to have 50mm conduit installed because the run to the house will require RG11 heavy duty cable. I would show you but I don't have any with me, but you will need to get a commercial quote."

He then gave me a number to call for commercial quotes. The person who answered was helpful but frustrated because apparently the technician "was not supposed to give out this number and has been told by his manager". He asked me the story and I told him what the "tech" had told me. He commented: "So he didn't have the right cable with him and he didn't even try". Yes that summed it up.


I got a call back later that afternoon saying again that as the technician had reported a "blockage" between my house and the street, I can either get conduit put in at my property by Telstra through commercial quotes, or by a private contractor who might be cheaper.


Now, having spent years working in customer service myself, I don't get angry or frustrated easily. For the same reason I try to avoid cursing a blue streak which is what I actually feel like doing. However, at this stage having spent literally hours upon hours of my time waiting on the phone, or for non existent  appointments, I am immensely frustrated with the schizophrenic organisation that is Telstra. Especially when all signs point to me being fed a load of rubbish. I'll put it mildly: I do not enjoy getting fed rubbish.


With this suspicion in mind, I did a bit of searching on Telstra's website and found the guidelines for lead-in cables and conduits.


Per document 017153a07 entitled "Telstra's lead-in trenching requirements" found at https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/help/pdf-b/017153a07-telstras-lead-in-trenching... , P20, or 20mm ID conduit that is already installed at my house is the standard installation for:


"1 x 5-pair plus

1 x Series 11 coax"


So there it is in black and white. It may as well say "The technician who came to your house didn't want to do his job". Is it normal to need to bribe people to get them to do their job?


What I really want to know is what is going to be done about it. There are plenty of people who have had this done before. I know a couple of electricians who have seen it done before so I know it can be done!!


The problem seems only to be getting someone willing to do their job.

Yes I know NBN is coming in the next few years and so everyone would just prefer to kick the can down the road until it becomes someone else's problem. That is poor service. Almost as poor as the service I've had when reporting the myriad faults with the ADSL connection I have, which also cannot be fixed most likely due to the incoming NBN.




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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Ridiculously difficult time getting connected

The only "normal" problem that htere should be with a battle axe block is if the lead-in cable is more than 50m long, then there might be the need to install extra pits along the length to allow access to pull/service the cable. Also, depending on what is already installed in the conduit, that could impact installing the larger coax cable.

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Re: Ridiculously difficult time getting connected

@JamieMacYou've had no-one at Telstra who's got back to you?


Just terrible, but I'm going through what you've been through.


Battleaxe block, lead in is about 75m.


The runaround is so bad it's almost like they have orchestrated it to make it too hard for the average Joe to connect.


How did you eventually go?


I only found this post by search for RG11.


Hopefully you got there in the end.


I've raised a TIO after Telstra disconnected my current working (poorly) ADSL connection as they ported me too early, so no I have no broadband in the house for a week.


Just crazy.


All the best.

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