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ridiculously slow internet and wifi

Hi, I have a long standing issue with Ethernet and wifi speed progressively getting slower.

I am paying for 45mbs. Its gradually been on the decline since NBN inception.

We have FTTN and there is another long standing issue with the copper exchange pit in our cal-de-sac. Over the years, we have had technicians out to repair very corroded lines a number of times. This seems to fix things.

Today I received a brand new smart modem from Telstra. I was not surprised to see no difference at all when I got 3.1mbs telstra speed test via ethernet. 

Tried another test an hour later and it failed - Socket error

my modem lights drop in and out - phone light yellow most of the time.

tried fix.telstra but had a line connection error.


now on the phone for 1hr 40mins and waiting..........


so over it.... any suggestions?

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: ridiculously slow internet and wifi

after 2 hrs on hold i gave up and hung up the phone :-(

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