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RIMs and pair gain

After literally hours on live chat and then passed back and forth between phone staff, I finally got directed to a Telstra connections "specialist" who was seriously rude, told me she'd never heard of a RIM and aggressively kept making the conversation into an argument. I think her name was Mae, and she really ought to be reconsidered as a specialist for this sort of thing...
I'm in a pair gain residence, been trying for years to get ADSL. Every time I try, they tell me (word for word, I swear):
"Fantastic news sir, you are eligible for both ADSL and ADSL2+! Now I can get that order off for you right away, it just need some details first...".
After they swear on their mothers lives that there won't be an issue, they make me sign the contract to get a landline (which I don't need or want unless it's to get broadband!). And predictably, the technician gets to the RIM, finds out there's no ports, and says "sorry mate, you'll just have to wait til more ports become available", as though I can keep track of the comings and goings of my neighbourhood telecommunications. Then the process of having to cancel the landline contract begins again, with Telstra saying I need to pay cancellation fees etc etc.

So because my attempts to speak to someone via phone didn't go so smoothly today, I thought I'd turn to Crowdsupport for answers.
1) Why do Telstra insist there's no way they can get information on RIM port availability until a technician can come out to look (only after the contracts been signed, nuknuknuk), but I can call up real time data on it online? (
2) my own residence is on the absolute boundary between two exchanges; Tingalpa (which we are technically within), and Wynnum. I can see on the RIM map from the above website that there are three RIMs nearby with free ports. One is ~300 or so metres away, and has 57 ports free (I believe this is new; nearby that one another with zero free ports; I suspect this is where the technicians in the past have tried to connect). The other two RIMs both have 80 free ports, and are actually less than 30 metres away from my house (I can SEE the damn things as I type this), but they are within the Wynnum exchange, and we're on the Tingalpa exchange. So my question is; if these ones are so close and full of free ports, why can't we get connected to them? And if not, then does the free ports on the RIM further away (but still the closest one to us in the Tingalpa exchange) mean that we should be 99.99999% guaranteed to get ADSL?
Would reeeally appreciate some intelligent discussion on this, as I've gotten nothing but grief (or worse still "Well you can always go on Mobile Broadband", and pay through the nose for a restricted and unreliable service). Many thanks.

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Re: RIMs and pair gain

Sorry for the experience that you have had on chat and over the phone in recent times trying to organise an ADSL service.


When placing an order without a phone line the result will typically be exchange based checks, until a phone is connected there is not guarantee it will follow the same path as a previously connected service (in most cases it does though). Regardless, even with an active phone line, port availability is not something staff have access to view and our syste is setup to allow an order to be placed.


This is because, for situations like low port availability, we don't know if a port is about to come available or if there is one currently available under the port assigners receive the order. The site that you have linked is not real time live data about port availability.


As far as the hardware you are connected to is concerned, if an alternate path to the exchange would provide you with an ADSL service then this is built into the order process, same as transposition from Pair Gains to standard PSTN is part of the order process.

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