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Routing issues

So im an online gamer and recently the game i play changed to a new server host.

Its no further in distance to travel maybe 5-15km

However this change has seen an increase in ping by up to 50.

After doing some tracert reports for them they have found it to be a routing issue on telstras end and gave me some proof and suggestions to send to Bigpond

Gaming on USA servers is already tough for us due to ping so an increase in 50+ has made it very hard.


So ive been searching online for some contact details to email this info forward but i cant find any contact details other than calling tech support who which wont help as this issue needs to be looked at by people above them.

So just wondering if anyone has a tech support email i can send this stuff to.





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Re: Routing issues

Short answer is no, there is no guarantee latency on consumer services, which are best effort.
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Re: Routing issues

Heres the message i was told to send to Telstra technical support, but ofcourse i have no way of getting in touch with someone who can sort this out.

I use an online multiplayer racing game called iRacing. When I use the product, the game often will connect to a game server located in Boston MA, USA. iRacing recently switched to a different ISP on their end, and since then my round-trip ping times to their Boston servers has gone up significantly. Some other iRacing customers in located in Australia that also use Telstra have noticed the same thing.

iRacing's new ISP has investigated the network routes from me to iRacing's old ISP (Internap) as compared to the network routes from me to iRacing's new ISP (TowardEX - aka TWDX). The route from me to Internap used to use Cogent around the hop over the Pacific to the US west coast. TWDX's Network Operations Center (NOC) says the following:

"Currently, TWDX does not take transit from Cogent; our relationship with them is of a paid-peering type relationship. Because both Telstra/REACH and TWDX are peering partners of Cogent, and neither party buys transit from Cogent, we are unable to utilize the Cogent connection to reach Telstra.

However, I am a little baffled here -- Telstra has multiple upstream providers (Level 3-CenturyLink/AS3356, Qwest-CenturyLink/AS209, Telia/AS1299, etc along with peers), however they are advertising this particular customer route only through AS209/Qwest for transit provider advertisements -- it is likely a configuration error on Telstra's network. I'm checking for alternate paths to get to Telstra, and all of our transit providers show them going thru AS209/Qwest, which is where the added latency is coming from due to the particular route taken between Qwest LAX interconnection and Telstra's trans-oceanic backhaul to AU. If Telstra can advertise this /12 to rest of their transit providers, it should fix the latency problem, as we won't have to hairpin through Qwest LAX router all the time."

The TWDX NOC has tried to reach out to the Telstra NOC, but has received no reply. If we could get the Telstra NOC talking with the TWDX NOC, it might be an easy BGP route advertisement change on Telstra's end to fix the issue.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Routing issues

I have gotten a reply about this from the network team


We are advertising this range to all our US peers.
This appears to be caused by the routing between certain US peers and the routing between these peers and TWDX.
This is something outside our control and influence.


- AlistairQWA

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Re: Routing issues

Thankyou very much for looking into it.
It appears something got changed yesterday and TOWARDEX is now seeing it being advertised to just 1 of their 3 global providers.
And its reduced pings, however it seems like some changes were made to try and de-prioritize telstra receiving traffic through the provider by making it appear as though it would be taking a longer path.

So whatever Telstra has done has reduced pings a fair bit, but still not as good as they should be.
Sounds to me like some shady cost cutting going on

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