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Security Key

I have a new PC computer. I am able to connect to wi-fi through google chrome putting in my network security key. However, I have to keep putting in the network security key as it doesn't seem to store it. Can you please tell me how you store these details so I don't have to put the details in every time to connect to the internet

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Re: Security Key

Maybe try connecting to your router instead.
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Re: Security Key

I'm assuming you are using Windows : can you set it up in Network Settings in Control Panel or Settings / Network? I haven't got a Windows machine handy to give more details.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Security Key

On a Windows PC/Laptop: Generally if you connect to a WiFi network using the WiFi icon down the bottom right near the date and time (looks like either signal bars or waves depending on which version of windows), there is a 'connect automatically' checkbox you can tick so you don't have to continually type the password in
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