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Separate wifi account data usage

I have had to create a network guest logon and password for a boarder who has taken advantage of our internet data usage.  At this stage my account only shows a total internet usage for our account. I'd like to show him his usage only but I can only provide the usage from our connection.


Is there a way of detailing the usage from his computer through this extra network we have created?



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Re: Separate wifi account data usage

Hi Guestwifiusage,

Depending on what modem you have, it should have a record of the number of packets and data sent over each of the Wi-Fi networks.  Unfortunately the Telstra systems only see the data being used by the modem and that's all they can record so there's no way to track that separate data that way but as long as the modem hasn't been reset it should have logs of what amounts of traffic has been utilised over each connection.  Failing that perhaps something like a monitoring program on his pc to see what usage he is using but I wouldn't like to be having that conversation so I think the modem is your best bet here.  Failing that a private PC tech might be able to set you up with a system like this but I don't imagine it would be the cheapest option.


Hope this helps!

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