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Setting up Wifi Booster pass

I recently just purchased two wifi Gen 2 boosters for my home. And I’ve connected both and set them up but I can’t seem to find or know my password to connect to the booster. I need help, and I’ve tried putting in my password for my wifi that’s set up but it’s still not allowing me to connect to the booster.

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Re: Setting up Wifi Booster pass

1: What color is the light on the boosters.
2: Do you have a gen 2 smart modem(please post the model number)
The boosters create a mesh network of your Wi-Fi and should have the same Wi-Fi name and password as your normal Wi-Fi.
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Re: Setting up Wifi Booster pass

•The colour of both the boosters are a solid blue.
•I have the Gen 1 smart modem. So the older version then the Gen 2 model.
And I have already tried typing in original password from modem to connect with my booster on the other side of my house. But still isn’t allowing me to gain access to my booster.
- In the box the boosters came in, there was a link printed on the manual to (telstra.wifi) the website where I could change “admin name & password”. But when I searched it on my browser nothing came up.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Setting up Wifi Booster pass

Hi Nadinem,

I'm sorry to read you are having difficulty accessing your WiFi Booster.

Can you clarify, are you trying to access your WiFi Booster's control panel? Instructions to access the WiFi Booster's control panel are:

  1. Make sure you're connected to the Wi-Fi Booster’s Wi-Fi connection.
  2. In any web browser, type: http://telstra.wifi
  3. Sign in to the control panel using the admin password: telstra

As you have two boosters, you will want to turn one off when you do this.


Further support for the WiFi Booster can be found here https://tel.st/t4pc4


Let us know how you go.

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Re: Setting up Wifi Booster pass

Hi - Not sure how you have connected yours and if you have done this, so apologies in advance - do you have a LAN cable from Gen 2 Booster No 1 to the Telstra Smart Modem Gen. For orders with existing Gen 1 Modem owners, you receive two as they are a bolt on Wi-Fi Network/Booster which in most cases replaces the Modem's Wi-Fi Network (exceptions can exist for large cabled homes)  vs Wireless Mesh arrangement which uses the Modem's Wi-Fi Network on Gen 2 Modems.


Booster No 2 wirelessly connects to Booster 1. I would expect the SSID/Password of the Booster to be on the label underneath the Booster No 1 - check both in case you have looked at Booster No 2. Once LAN connected ,  Booster 1 is paired via WPS button to the Modem (blue LED) and then pair Booster 2 (Orange LED) - according to QSG attached. You can then make a decision as to reprogram all your devices to the new SSID/Password or change them to your existing Home Wi-Fi Network. If you wish to retain your existing Home Wi-Fi identity, Telstra also mention that you may wish to change your original Home Wi-Fi SSID in the Gen 1 Modem to something else or turn it off. Blue LEDs mean good coverage. 


Did this QSG come with your Boosters - it gives a good explanation of installation guide. https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/aem-cloud-content-migration-assets/internet/Ban...



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