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SIck of internet and foxtel problems

I have been a loyal customer for many years but sadly not because of the great service and great product but more because of a lack of a suitable alternatives.


Over the last few years i have spent numerous hours on the phone trying to resolve issues and while problems are eventually resolved they just keep coming back and I am sick of it.


We have a Telstra bundle that includes 3 foxtel boxes, a 500gb internet plan and our home phone, the internet is used by the whole family for everything from work, to study and entertainment and the price we pay for this reflects our need for a relaible service.


Well it seems every month we are having what I would consider minor issues, being charged twice for the same service, foxtel dropping out for up to a day, inconsistent internet speeds and drop outs, things that can ussually be fixed to some extent but at least you can still use it, even if it isn;t what I thought i was paying for.


More of a problem though is that roughly every 6 months (maybe more often lately) we have major problems, this is where the internet and foxtel both stop working completely and in spite of all the people trying to fix the problem it remains not working for days.


Well, this latest one has me fuming, yesterday as I left for work at 6am the internet worked, but my wife reported that by 7am both foxtel and the Internet were down, My wife runs a home business, one of our foxtel boxes is used in her home beauty parlour as entertainment for her customers while the internet is used to take bookings, receive payments and for advertising any specials or promotions so as you can imagine these services are important to her business and when they are not working it impacts on her ability to attract and retain customers which is vital in any business, especially one that is being established, like the business my wife is running.


Sadly we have been through this all too many times and my wife knows how long it can take to get resolved so she left it until i got home for me to resolve, i spent 1 hour and 45 minutes on the phone, sometimes on hold, sometimes waiting for repsonses and occasionally getting some help, I spoke to as many as 10 different people who were only too happy to sinmply pass me onto the next person as the issue always seemed to be somebody elses problem and they couldn't fix it themselves.


I know from previous experience it is possible to use a next G wireless device to get some limited internet service and advised that i have such a device but it needed to be topped up as a short term measure but it seemed nobody had authority to do it, the best I was offered was to go to the local telstra shop and buy a prepaid service which i would be reimbursed for, now I dont know what things are like in the Phillipines where these people come from and I am not meaning to sound racist or ignorant but where i live we dont have a 24 hour telstra shop next door that we can simply duck into to grab one of these cards and again I dont know what the situation is of the people at the other end of the phone but coughing up $70 or so of my money, drive time each way of 20 minutes (presuming it was open) plus my own time finding and buying this thing is a big deal to me even if the purchase price will be later refunded.


So, a few things that need to be fixed;

When I call for help, I want to be able to speak to as few people as possible and when I get passed to each one of them i dont want to be wasting my time telling each of them my details to verify who i am.


When I ring up i know I will need to talk to a person so make that option sooner so i dont have to spend 5 minutes before i can get to the point where i can talk to somebody


When problems are escalated i need the option of talking to somebody right here in Australia who has some authority to actually fix things.with resolutions that does not involve me being inconvenienced, especially when the ones who the fault is with refused to push a few buttons to resolve it.


I need the problems to actually be fixed once and for all, my time is important to me and spending 5 or 6 hours a month trying to get you to resolve your issues is just not on. Get somebody out, check the local infrastructure and if necessary upgrade it


I need the compensation for my inconvenience to be realistic, it may sound a little thing but last night my wife was dissappointed to realise that the show she wanted to watch started last night, she missed the first episode which kind of spoils the rest of the series, my time interacting with friends online couldn't happen, her day today was impacted as she was unable to respond to any customers, My children who are currently on holidays and are normally able to amuse themselves by watching foxtel, playing with their ipads going on the computer or playing online with friends on the xbox did not have these options because of the problems with your service and what compensation might you offer, total bill divided by 30 times the number of days outage.


This needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed now

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Re: SIck of internet and foxtel problems

Did anyone e ver reply to you from Telstra? 

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Re: SIck of internet and foxtel problems

Sadly it is still no better. Going through the same thing now.... it is so frustrating......

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