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Sky Muster Nov 2020

I have Telstra ADSL and have just received notice from nbn to say they are ready to connect us to nbn Sky Muster satellite service, 

When I looked at Telstra  site it told me no nbn available. Does this mean our main provider is not providing satellite service?

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Re: Sky Muster Nov 2020

As far a I know They cant force you to SAT from ADSL. SAT plans are more expensive with less data.

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Sky Muster Nov 2020

Hi - It appears so - Telstra and Optus are not registered as NBN Sky Muster providers on NBN's web site. Tory89 is correct in that, regional and rural customers who are not able to get a wired NBN service, are under no obligation to cancel their ADSL service and can continue to operate their existing service in conjunction with their new NBN Satellite or NBN Fixed Wireless Service or not connect an NBN service. 


Satellite choose a provider | nbn (nbnco.com.au)

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Sky Muster Nov 2020

No. Telstra does not offer SkyMuster services. You will still be able to stay on your ADSL service if you wish to.


If you want to switch to SkyMuster, you will need to find a provider that offers plans for it. None of the major telcos offer Skymuster plans. You can see the list of providers at Satellite choose a provider | nbn (nbnco.com.au)

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