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Slow adsl2+ speed

Hi Hope someone here can help have never had great speeds with Tesltra over many years but has gotten even worse over last few months, contacted and spoke to telstra many times over phone with no success. This morning I spoke to someone with computer experience who is 1km further from the same exchange as me but is getting 6 times my speed.

Using Tp-link td-w8980 modem but I dont believe it is connecting at adsl2+ speeds. I am on the elite liberty 500gb plan and never go over limit.

Modem is set to auto sync but is only connecting at ADSL_G.dmt annex type A/L (is this wrong???)

Current rate Kbps downstream is 4032

Max rate Kbps downstream is 10336

SNR margin is 30.2db

Line Attenuation is 19.7db


Hope this is enough info for someone to help me was told to put this in. Only have one phone line into house and connection has brand new splitter and have tried with phone disconnected and tried various computers.


If anything else is required please ask but remember I am not great with computers. Thankyou Rod


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Re: Slow adsl2+ speed

Try forcing the mode to not be G.DMT, change it to something else because you're capable of 10mbit but only sync'ing at 4mbit.

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