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slow adsl2 speeds as of april 28th 2013



As of the 28th of april 2013 my adsl2 speeds have been woeful. I have had adsl2 for approx 6 years with no problems at all. Now, i'm flat out downloading emails and watching youtube. 


I have complained to telstra around 10 times now and have only achieved frustration. Upon submitting my complaint, telstra have sent 2 techs to my house investigating the problem. The first tech found a fault in the line in our house which he rectified straight away. After rectifying the problem, he then ran tests on my modem, phone lines, phones and line filters and said they were in perfect order. That same night, there was no improvement in speeds.  I then complained a few days later and telstra sent out another tech about a fortnight later. This tech did not enter my house but he reported he found another three faults.  He said one of the faults were found in the telstra line junction box and 2 faults found in the street. He said one of the faults was one of the lines were under powered but did not specify any further information.  But, later that night there was still no improvements.


I carried out numerous tests including the isolation test with the telstra offshore call center. I had called the telstra offshore call center approx 10 times and each call i made, the telstra representative gained access to my computer and ran their own tests. At the time, i had been getting good speeds during the day but terrible speeds at night. I had been logging all of my speed results on www.speedtest.net which indicated my test results history. It was ranging between 11mbs down to 0.2mbs. 


In the end, the telstra offshore call center techs had blamed the problem on congestion. Not satisfied with that answer, i then asked the tech how could congestion kick in overnight and he could not respond to that question. He stumbled on a few words and rthen just said it was congestion. I then requested for them to change my port at the exchange but he said that he was unable to. The tech then suggested for me to talk to the accounts department about compensation for my problems.


Since then, i have experimented with my line profile in my bigpond settings and have had no improvements.


I am paying $100 per month for an internet connection that is useless. Up until april, i had been frequently playing online games but nowi get kicked off game servers for having a poor speed. I have 2 security cameras running off my internet connection which i cannot access at night because of poor speeds. 


I have been really dissapointed with telstra's support with this matter especially with the offshore call center. None of the call operators actually cared about my concerns. Most of the time they spoke over me, i had to explain basic information over and over and none of them could answer my questions. I had asked to speak to an australian rep only to be put on hold for half an hour and then getting disconnected. 


This is my last attemp to rectify my situation without getting the communications ombudsman involved. 


Please take this serious, as the internert is my life. Everything runs on it nowadays and without it i'm in the stone ages.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: slow adsl2 speeds as of april 28th 2013

Hi Mark,


I will be sending you a private message shortly with a link where you can provide your details so that we can take a closer look into what is happening.


Please allow 3 business days for a response given our current workload. 


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