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Slow ADSL2

Over the past two to three weeks (as of 25-3-2015), we have experienced a drastic drop in speeds. Each of the devices on our wifi would average at about 800kb/s-1mb/s download on launchers such as Steam, and according to the download information when downloading a file.

When the download speed started to drop about three weeks back, it dropped to about half that, or about 400kb/s. About a week ago, it fell to less than 100kb/s, and now we average between 17kb/s-100kb/s.

I have reffered this to tech support over the phone, and all they did was tweak a few settings and quote the numbers after remotely running from my computer, saying that it shows the usual "7.3mb" download speed, and that there is nothing wrong at all.

If this was isolated to a single machine or device, I'd assume there was an issue with the device, but this is across all devices. We have tried testing the speed by disconnecting everything but a single PC, and the low-speed issue continues to exist.

We have also tried swapping the modem for a different one of the same model provided to us several years ago, but the problem continues to persist.

After several days of back and forth with tech support and getting nowhere, I gave up and told them to forget it, since they obviously lack the ability to solve the problem.

Hopefully someone has an idea here of what the issue could be.

The modem is a Technicolor TG587n v3, and we live in Kambah ACT, postcode 2902. We are told that we live 3km from the exchange, but that doesn't account for a sudden drop in the speeds we've been used to for nearly three years. Our plan is for 200gb a month, and we are not over the download limit.


Any help or advice will be appreciated.

NOTE: To any telstra personel reading this, please note that this is the THIRD major issue we have suffered with this service, and if nothing can be sorted out we will be evaluating our options. When the service works, it works fine and we are happy with it, but the consistancy of a major problem for every year of running the service is starting to cause us to question why we're paying for something that doesn't keep performing to standard.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Slow ADSL2

Have you had bad weather in your area recently?

The first thing I would suggest is checking the voice line to ensure there isn't any noise/static on the line. If there is, report it as a voice fault first on 132203.

If there isn't, the first thing to try is an isolation test.
This is important to rule out things such as bad extensions, faulty filters, and local wifi interference. If you have just the first socket, modem and 1 computer connected via Ethernet cable and it continues then you have a problem.

Also, if you can get your hands on another modem at all, just to see that it's not a faulty modem that's messing with your connection, that would be a real bonus.

Aside from that though, there isn't much else that I can think of that the community here on Crowd Support could do.

You would then need to get back onto tech support on 133933. If you feel that your issue isn't being taken seriously, then ask for the call to be escalated to a senior team member, or lodge an official complaint regarding this.
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