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Slow/disconnecting NBN

So, after much anticipation the NBN got connected this morning. I am approximately 670m from the node (based on actual cable route, including the pillar). Based on other people’s results I was expecting at least 40Mbps (hoping for 60Mbps or more).  Anyway, here are my connection stats:



DSL Status


DSL Uptime

11min 41sec

DSL Type


DSL Mode


Maximum Line rate

 3.33 Mbps  19.78 Mbps

Line Rate

 3.33 Mbps  19.05 Mbps

Data Transferred

 11.86 MBytes  210.5 MBytes

Output Power

 11.7 dBm  5.9 dBm

Line Attenuation

 5.9, 56.6, 73.7,N/A,N/A dB  29.6, 68.5, 91.6 dB

Noise Margin

 6.1 dB  6.8 dB


So, around  20/3 Mbps, that’s pretty disappointing. I am guessing by the line attenuation that the copper must be pretty crap.


On ADSL we would typically have a drop out at around 5pm most days. I figured it was something happening at the exchange. It was never much of a problem and it would reconnect within a couple of minutes.


So, this afternoon at 5pm after we have had the NBN working (slowly) all day the internet dropped out. Except instead of a couple of minutes it was out for an hour. It reconnected for about 10min and then has dropped out again and I am still waiting for it to reconnect.


This now makes me think that there is a line fault in the copper that it being effected by some kind of interference after 5pm. My first though was street lighting, but I really have no idea.


At my house, the incoming line goes straight to a new outlet with no cabling connected so the problem should not be on my end.


Does anybody have any ideas? I will call Telstra in the morning (probably not from my NBN connected home phone) but based on my previous dealing I am not expecting much to be resolved, not quickly anyway.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Slow/disconnecting NBN

Don't report the low connection rate. Report the dropouts on the line as a fault, if the cause of the dropouts is rectified, the speed will probably increase as well.


It could take a while to get rectified as a works order will need to go to NBN Co. Depending on the crews they have in the area (they may not actually have a crew that can fix a fault in the copper line) it could take a while for them to organise someone. Usually in a rollout area, they only have connection crews (people who swap the line connection over at the pillar).

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Slow/disconnecting NBN

The attenuation result suggests you are a lot further then 670m. It could well be that you lost out in "node lotto"


That being said it could be also bridge taps or internal premesis wiring that can be cause of the drama's as well. Report it to NBN Assurance so they can test it and escalate it to NBN if need be




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