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Slow DNS resolution (and browsing)



I am having issues with consistently slow DNS resolution times, often leading to page time out. It has been happening for a few weeks but is now at the point it is barely usable.


All my devices are effected, over wireless and ethernet cable. I have reset the modem and devices countless times.


I can't hard configure alternative DNS servers on my modem (Netgear CG3100D-2), however when I configure alternative DNS servers on my individual devices the issue resolves. 



I have tried getting support using 24x7 but times which are convenient for me are "unsually busy" for Telstra (unusually busy seems to be Telstra's usual?) and "significant delays" when I attempt to call. 



The troubleshooting tool was of no help, it has given me a reference number and instructions to call but when I call I am advised of significant delays... 


I'd like to know why DNS resolution is so slow for my service and what can be done to permanently fix it (other than me hard coding alternate DNS IP's on all my devices).






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Re: Slow DNS resolution (and browsing)

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Re: Slow DNS resolution (and browsing)


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Re: Slow DNS resolution (and browsing)

Me too, I have DNS request time out. Telstra technical support is hopeless.


I changed 2 different gateways and issues are still the same. Very slow and dropping although speed test looked fine.


If I don't have contract, I would have switched to IINET

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