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Slow download - inadequate self help

FTTP speed test is usually high 90s up, high 30s low 40s down. Despite this, the boys' streaming of games is unsatisfactory and presumably overseas factors are the cause and we work on this sometimes. Frustrating !  Tonight I attempted to surprise them with gift items in a game platform based on two weeks. Extremely slow to open the game and progressive screens. Speed test (to 1k distance) showed normal upload speed but download of less than 20 Mbps. Same result with wi-fi and ethernet. Phone, the only other device running, showed 98 down 38 up as normal. So the problem was with the laptop and that two week game. Game wasn't updating - I'm not sure what the problem was - the game was attempting to open screens, but swallowing the data capacity. But now to my point.

I ran the Telstra self help diagnostic tests which produced a test speed of 25Mbps and no service issues. I thought this would ring alarm bells on a 100Mbps plan, but it received a green tick and suggestions about heavy traffic and to check the number of devices connected etc. etc. I shut down the game and speeds returned to normal. But 25 Mbps is not a tick, it is a fail. It should be a red cross with suggestions to shut down running apps and re-test the speed and if service isn't restored to normal, email screen shots of speed test to ......... 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Slow download - inadequate self help

The problems definitely lie with the game itself if the speeds return to normal when you close it down. It is hogging the bandwidth (most likely trying to continually initiate the download and swamping the connection).


You might need to check with the game supplier, it doesn't sounds like a problem with your connection.

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