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Slow download speed with Telstra Broadband ADSL2+ connection

Hi All,


I have a Telstra ADSL2+ connection at home with extremely slow download speeds.  I have contacted Telstra and they are looking into the issue and will phone back later today or tomorrow with more information.  A Telstra technician may end up coming on site to check my setup too.  In the meantime I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my DSL connection details just in case there is anything obvious that might be misconfigured on the router/modem.  The detailed DSL connection information is below:




Any help or suggestions would be great.  Cheers.



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Re: Slow download speed with Telstra Broadband ADSL2+ connection

Hi Leigh,

Welcome to Crowd Support!

I would start by powering your modem off for a few minutes and posting results once you've gotten recent / updated data. Sometimes sync rate will slow over time for various reasons and the modem may just need a restart.

Your attenuation is pretty high however but not high enough to warrant 1Mb sync rates IMHO, see if anything changes once you restart the modem. If no changes I would recommend isolating the line from any other phone line equipment. If these steps yield no results I'd wager you'd be looking at a copper network issue.

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Re: Slow download speed with Telstra Broadband ADSL2+ connection

Hi Lathania,


I initially tried a modem restart but no change, however the phone cabling at my house looks quite dated.  It has a hardwired splitter at the end of the cable and I noticed that an older unused phone cable was still connected into one of the sockets.  I decided to remove the cable so that only the in use cable remained.  After making this change and retesting the connection I now have the following results:




Speed is significantly better but still within the ADSL rates and not ADSL2+ rates.  I suspect you are correct in that the copper cabling in and to my house could be the cause of the issue.  Will have to wait until Telstra come on site and take a look.  Thanks for your help.




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