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Slow Internet Speed + Disconnection Faults

Hi all, 

to cut a long story short, I was with another provider but then switched over to Telstra. The changeover happened on the 18th of March (2020). Ever since joining Telstra, I haven't been able to connect to the internet, or the internet speed has been EXTREMELY slow. I'm on the $110 a month plan, which gives the premium evening speeds of 88mbps download and 20mbps upload, however, when I run a speed test it shows I'm receiving 0.1mbps download and 0.1mbps upload. This is with the Ethernet cable connected to my computer. 


The Telstra Smart Smart Modem Gen 2 has a blue light on at the front and green lights on at the back, except for the WAN which doesn't show a light.


When I run a speed test the results show "mobile backup". Am I even connected to NBN? I was told I would receive an email saying it's been connected but no such email has come through. I'm currently 12 days into my first month free, which I haven't even been able to use due to this current situation.   



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Re: Slow Internet Speed + Disconnection Faults

Mate from my experience if your modem's front light is blue, you're on back up 4G, which should be quite fast until you hit 10gb usage at which point it will be scaled back (shaped) to an unusable speed. 

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Re: Slow Internet Speed + Disconnection Faults

Thanks for the reply! I’m not sure why but, at the moment, it’s the complete opposite; I can’t load anything and I don’t think I would’ve even used, roughly, 250MB.

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