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Slow internet speeds and dropouts with Bigpond Ultimate Cable

Hi All


I'm looking for some assistance with slow internet speeds and dropouts with Bigpond Ultimate Cable.


Until yesterday I was on an Elite plan using the Telstra supplied Motorola modem, linked to a fairly basic D-Link router.  I run a small home network comprising two PCs, a gaming laptop, an X-Box and an iPad.  Both PCs are identical custom builds, a few years old now, running Vista Home Premium SP2 and on ethernet connections.  The laptop is running Windows 7 and is wireless.


The Telstra box arrived with a Netgear CG3100D modem/router and an instruction CD.

Following the instructions on the single sheet flyer in the box, I disconnected the old modem and router and inserted the instruction CD.  Following the step by step instructions (recommended), I completed the few steps to complete the upgrade and registration of the new modem.  I ran a few tests on Speedtest.net to the Telstra Sydney node (I'm in Sydney) and got fantastic results.  Download speeds consistently above 110mbps.  Time to move on to the second PC.


Inserted the instruction disc and followed the few step by step instructions (recommended) for adding a wired PC to an existing internet connection.  Everything completed, but this time the speed tests gave download speeds of between 0.02mbps (yes, that is a decimal point) and 1.7 mbps.  However, ping times were still about 8ms. The tests wouldn't complete and the connection would drop out.


Contacted Telstra Live Chat and with the technician tried the usual restarts, uninstall/re-install, change some internet option settings on the 2nd PC.  All this time the main PC was still delivering the same fast results on Speedtest.  The tech eventually said he couldn't help further and it must be the ethernet connection in the 2nd PC needed replacing.  Since the connection is on the MB (Gigabit MA790X-UD4, with AMD Phenom IIx4 940), this effectively means a new PC.


Leaving the Live Chat, I decided to try the laptop.  Rather than using the Telstra instruction CD, I just connected to the wireless network.  Perfect.  With Speedtest results around 50mbps consistently and improved online gaming connections (ping and frame rate), I have left this alone and it hasn't missed a beat.  Similarly, the X-Box and iPad, seem fine.  So I conclude it's either something not right with the wired connection or a hardware issue, that didn't occur with the older Elite plan.


So back to the 2nd PC. Still struggling with the same problems.  No speed and dropouts.  Opening the Network and Sharing Center and running diagnose and Repair, yielded various outcomes:

Reset The Network Adaptor "Local Area Connection"

There is a problem Windows cannot resolve, contact your ISP provider

Windows did not find any problems with your internet connection


Finally, used AVG Tune-up and went through the usual clean up, registry repair etc and another restart. Bang the 2nd PC is up and going with download speeds between 98 mbps and 117 mbps.  So just for completeness did a tune-up on the main PC and next test, rubbish.  Below 1.5 mbps and drop outs.  It may have died before the tune-up, but not tested.


Back to the 2nd PC and its back to slow speeds and drop outs.  20 mins later, they are both running fine again.  An hour after that the 2nd PC loses it and can't hold a connection for more than a couple of seconds.


After reading a few threads on similar problems, I did a dns flush and a TCP/IP reset on the 2nd PC.  Seemed like all was working fine, before I shut down for the night.


This morning 2nd PC back to its usual tricks and whilst the main PC worked for about an hour, it is now behaving the same way.


I have no idea what to try next.  I figure the ethernet connection can't be the issue, or I would be able to get the high speeds at all.  The Telstra instruction mentioned potential firewall alerts, these didn't happen, so I assume it's not a firewall issue (I use AVG 2013).  If it's a router setting, I don't see a way to check, the instruction CD does it all, unless you option for the manual/advanced/no assistance install.


If you need any diagnostics, please advise how to run them also.


Sorry for the long post (trying to give as full information as possible).  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Slow internet speeds and dropouts with Bigpond Ultimate Cable

Hi Kobrin

i posted with a similar issue last night though i have had my Telstra cable service for some time without any issues till the last few days.  

Someone else advised me to check the status page & i checked the service notifications on the Telstra web site, i found a Telstra notice for my area 2154 saying foxtel & internet services being down today, lets hope they are fixing the problem that has been giving me internet drop outs for the last few days.  Good luck here is the link if you cant find it



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Re: Slow internet speeds and dropouts with Bigpond Ultimate Cable

Hi dallasf

Thanks for the reply.  You might be right, for the last couple of hours all seems ok, longest stable period since the upgrade.  Holding my breath for now.


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Re: Slow internet speeds and dropouts with Bigpond Ultimate Cable

Spoke too soon.  2nd PC hasn't been able to use the internet even though it hasn't dropped out, as far as I can tell.  Main PC fine, apart from a small hiccup and wireless connection still going great.

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