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Slow internet speeds Kellyville exchange

Ever since boxing day 2012, I experienced the slowest ADSL speeds ever. In total I have called telstra 9 times and had 2 telstra technician coming over. The technicians were very helpful and tried to spot out what issues could be causing this, and I was not charged to call the technicians to come over.  However, I still receive the same download speeds after. 

When I go over my mates house (Kellyville) and see him steaming 720p videos with no buffer, loading the full video in a minute, whereas i would buffer on a 360p video. Telstra call centre have been telling me that it is within minimum speed from where I live, but that doesn't really resolve the issue. It's basically telling your customer to "suck it up" where I have been a Telstra customer for almost 8 years. 


I will be contacting a technician tonight as I waited for 40mins last night and just hung up and try to conduct an isolation test to find the issue. 

AVG speed ( :1.5- 2.5mbps download 

Modem: TG797 v3

Windows 7 Ultimate

ADSL 1 service

Location 3-4 kilometers away from Kellyville Exchange.

Modem and Alarm system filtered. (checked by technicians)

telstra 2.jpg

telstra 1.jpg

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Re: Slow internet speeds Kellyville exchange

Hi supaderp,


I am not a technician so cannot investigate what is occuring on your connection but I can tell you that a sync of 7,616/384 on a standard ADSL connection is great.


Speed tests are not exactly accurate so you may want to have a look at this to get a more accurate reading;


Given that the modem is sync'ing fine I would be looking for localised causes for the slower speeds, like;


- are you using ethernet or wifi?

- have you tried a different browser?

- do you get the same speeds on a different device?

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