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Slow NBN HFC connection

I recently had my HFC FTTN connection activated yesterday around 1:30pm, the NBN technican installed the arris modem and connected the Telstra supplied Frontier router to it.


After an hour or so I was able to establish a connection of around 20Mbps down and around 5Mbps up which was much slower than the 100/40 with the fastest speed boost, however the connection kept dropping in and out.


I called Telstra around 3:15pm and they said there was some type of issue with the connection which was apparently resolved as this stopped the drop outs but the speed remained the same (20Mbps).


I made a 2nd call to Telstra at 6:15pm and I asked them why the order was still not completed on the order tracker and they said it was still in 'provisioning' and that it may take 24-48 hours to complete. I was never advised of this when I placed the order, and the Telstra rep tried to tell me this was normal and that once it finishes provisioning my speed should increase.


Is this normal for new connections? Can anyone shed some light onto exactly what may be happening, and how long its going to take to be resolved? 

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Re: Slow NBN HFC connection

Update to say issue has been due to me being put on the wrong speed. The order finished provisioning but I now need to ring billing tomorrow to have it fixed to the speed I initially ordered. Not a good start Telstra.

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