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Slow NBN speeds after account disconnect

I'm experiencing painfully slow NBN speeds at the moment since my connection has been brought back online after a disconnect due to an overdue bill with no warning (but that's a whole other issue. Was going to pay the bill tomorrow but had no idea that disconnection was imminent)


The line has been brought back up very efficiently this morning but due to me working from home at the moment I was rather panicked to get back online and put up with the slow speeds for a while, hoping it would improve

It has now been 4 hours and numerous router reboots later and my speed-tests are currently below 1 Mbps both download and upload.(0.12Mbps down and 0.17 Mbps up)

The speed seems consistent with my experience while the line was "disconnected" and could only access telstra websites (albeit very slowly - actually getting online to pay the bill was a nightmare)

It seems my connection has not been "released" properly at telstra's end but I'm having great difficulty in talking to a human - the self service phone thing keeps booting me to a "help yourself" link and hanging up on me

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