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Slow Slow Telstra NBN

It appears there is not enough Bandwidth in my area with speeds regularly as slow as download 1.69 Mbps and upload 0.081Mbps. I have a log of speeds. Irregularly it it is fine.
Regular drop outs.
Have to regularly restart the Modem  
The ability to contact Telstra NBN 13000 in a timely manner.
I sometimes think it could be the Modem because when listening to say ABC Radio on a device it cuts out then after several minutes restarts but the signal on a battery radio is fine.
I get a stronger wireless signal from someones modem in my vicinity.
I have 10 devices that use the modem but never all at once
I have 2 devices connected by a network cable because of poor wireless connection.
I believe I am on the standard Telstra plus plan.

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Re: Slow Slow Telstra NBN

Sorry the Plan is the Best Bundle Ever

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Slow Slow Telstra NBN

What type of NBN connection are you on? (FTTN, FTTC, FTTP, FTTB, FW, HFC)?

What model modem do you have?

What colour are the lights on the modem?

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Re: Slow Slow Telstra NBN

Fibre to the Premises

Modem Lights - Green

Version Mint (17.2)

Serial number: CP1703TAAMD

Product Vendor
Product Name
Technicolor TG800vac
Software Version
Firmware Version
Hardware Version
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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Slow Slow Telstra NBN

Hi - has this suddenly happened after any changes to equipment locations or power outages in your suburb? If you take a PC and connect an Ethernet cable to the UNI Data port on the NBN FTTP Connection Box that your modem usually connects to, what is the speedtest result? Are your quoted results occurring from certain wireless devices or all of them? What SSID broadcast name are they using - the 2.4Ghz or the 5 Ghz band. Where is the modem located in relation to the NBN FTTP Connection box and your devices?


Modems may cause interference to radio transmissions or speakers that broadcast their programs when they are located very close to a radio or speaker. I spent an hour troubleshooting what I thought was a failure with a reasonable quality AV system with two sets of very large retro stereo speakers connected; the A or alternative B right hand speakers would cut out and refuse to come on. After I checked and recut speaker cable terminations at both ends, they still didn't work and then mysteriously came on after 30 minutes or so, then turn off. I had put it down to bad solder joint in the amplifier until I moved the Telstra DJA0231 located on a table a foot away from the speakers and suddenly I had clear stereo from left and right hand sides.  

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Re: Slow Slow Telstra NBN

The slow speed has mostly occurred since the Covid 19 Social Distancing Restrictions with everyone at home, School Children doing lessons on Zoom and many professionals working from home. Early morning before 0730 speed is mostly okay but as the morning advances speed gets slower. I haven't stopped up late enough to see when the speed gets better.
I don't know why the reason the wireless signal stops for a minute or two on occasions.
The wireless signal is 2.4 Ghz. for all devices except for the Wifes Iphone which is on 5 Ghz.
I can do what yo say with the PC as it is connected by network cable to the Modem but I will probably be on Wednesday.

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