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Slow speed

Hi All, I’m a newbie, please forgive any etiquette faux pas.

I’m a standard cable customer and have theoretical 100/5 Mbps download/upload speeds. I have never got close to this, but would regularly see 30-40 Mbps and the occasional 60Mbps on download. However, recently I’m lucky to get 5Mbps and often no connection. I know COVID-19 causing issues, but I would not expect such a serious deterioration. I have done all the on-line and wifi checks and cannot find a fault. Does anyone have a suggestion on the next steps? Thanks 

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Re: Slow speed

I have noticed a significant slow down since the COVID-19 outbreak, where I would usually get about 94/37 consistently on NBN HFC, I am sometimes now reduced to about 6/1 for hours with frequent timeouts. I could likely list possible reasons, but this does not really help the cause as they aren't fact, though keen to find some answers too...

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Re: Slow speed

my internet is quite slow as well.  Not quite as bad as the others who have posted, but on a 100/5 cable connection, I am used to download speeds of ~90 mbps, currently lucky to get 10.  Would be keen just to find out more - is it increased load with everyone at home or are there disruptions along the line somewhere?

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