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so fed up with telstra's "knowledge experts"

I hope someone here can help me.


Last week i had all these issues with my telstra home cable broadband.

1. I called telstra naturally and of course to no surprise they told me to just turn it off and on again (of course i tried that).

2. They asked me factory reset (i did that too, btu did it again to appease them).

3. They told methere was a fault in the modem and i should go to a telstra store. (not sure why, but i went as i was told)


I told my local telstra store what was going on. They said it was a faulty modem and i should buy a new one. I disagreed, but they insisted that was the issue. So i bought the $216 one and went home. I was told it was simple to set up. So so so so much not.


1. The ID on the modem did not register on through the regular way and i was told to call support.

2. they pulled me around for 4 days trying to organise the ID on the modem.

3. finally, it was done, i thought my problems were over but it was just the beginning


first, my wifi kept dropping out. Constantly. I had to keep restarting the modem whenever someone connected to the wifi and started streaming video.


here is my current set up.

Evenetually i had to organise a tesltra person to come otm y house, i spent 5 hours waiting around for them. but he finally came. He set it up for me like this.


Modem broadcasts a 2.4ghz 802.11n network across the downstairs of my house. The modem also is connected via an ethernet cable through the house to my Airport Extreme upstairs, which broadcasts a 5ghz 802.11ac/n network across the upstairs of my house


I get full signal across the entire house and the wifi never drops out at all.


The telstra guy set it up in my house with two different networks becuase he said there was too much bandwidth being used across one network. I didn't really think it was true but here's what i have


2 tvs that use netflix on a moderate basis

4 computers that simply just browse the web (occasional youtube and netflix)

6-7 mobile phones simply web browsing like email or facebook

2 ipads using imessage only


Our badwidth is so small for the amount that i was told the router could handle. But whatever, i listened to the telstra guy and now we have two networks in our wifi.


We did a speed test in each room of the house and got a speed of about 22-35 mb/s Which to me seems exceptionally good. This was done at about midday though, on a saturday so i don't know if the speed was the way it was because it wasn't exactly peak times.


of course, as soon as he left, the problems occured.

The wifi never drops, but the internet does!

I'll refresh a webpage, and nothing will happen, it'll say there is no internet connection.

My youtube videos will stall indefinitely.

my imessages aren't being delivered

i can't refersh my email


The only way to fix it, is to switch to another network (from the 2.4ghz to the 5ghz)


I initially thought it was a channel issue. I logged into my modem and changed the broadcast channel from automatic to 9. Still nothing. Tried at 12 or 13, still nothing.


I called telstra again and after waiting on hold for an hour they told me all they can troubleshoot is the channels.

I'm a bit annoyed becuase i STILL don't have working internet.


All i want is the ability to stream 4 normal (not 4k or hd) quality videos in my house at the same time. 

I feel like with a telstra cable conncetion i should be able to do that.


What do i have to do to be able to make this happen?!


Honestly if anyone can help me i'll even pay.

I am jsut so fed up with Telstra, they clearly have no idea what the issue is and don't seem to care at all.

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