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Sony TV not able to connect to my Telstra NBN modem


I have got my Telstra NBN plan some time last year.


Since then I am not able to connect any of my Sony TVs to internet.


I have Sony Smart TV which has built in wifi capability.  When I try to  scan the available Wifi  connections my Telstra Id does not get picked up. Then I tried to enter manually the TelstraID and password and still I am not able to connect my TV to my home Telstra NBN modem. 


I have used the same TV earlier with my ADSL2 modem with some other carrier.

I also have a Chromecast dongle connecte to my older Sony TV which  is also not able to connect to my Telstar NBN  modem,


Do I have to do something special setup process for NBN ?   Please let me know what I am doing wrong.


For NBN modem what kind of encrypted key it uses? 







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