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Speed slowed to walking pace yesterday. Annoyed at Telstra email about it.

Feeling pretty annoyed with Telstra at the moment.
Yesterday our power was out for several hours due to the provider doing maintenance.

My power came back on at around 2.20pm.

Turned on my computer, went to get on the web and my connection was worse than dismal.

Checked my modem and it was in backup mode.

The connection was that bad that it was taking several minutes to load a single webpage and at least a couple of minutes just to load the Modem Gateway page.
Just like the old dial-up days! Go and make a cuppa and have a snack while you are waiting.

Didn’t even bother trying to access my email because everything was so deplorably slow.
Tried on and off for a few hours to access web, then out of frustration I rebooted the modem and eventually all green lights again.


Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning and discovered this email sent by Telstra at 3.09pm yesterday.


Your mobile internet has been slowed because your Telstra Smart Modem is still connected to it



We've contacted you a number of times asking you to switch your Telstra Smart Modem back to the Telstra fixed network.

As your modem is still connected to Telstra's mobile network, we've slowed your speed.

It's easy to switch back to the Telstra fixed network. For instructions on how to do this, please visit fix.telstra.com/smartmodem or call us on 1800 834 273.

If you've recently switched back please ignore this message.

The Telstra team

Please don't reply to this automated message.





Let me make it very clear Telstra.

You did not contact me ‘a number of times’.

This email is the only contact I received from you and it was sent after the event, after you had decided to par back the speed of my connection.
You did not effort to contact me on my landline phone and advise me of this situation.

It is your system that regularly throws my connection onto your backup service.

To reduce the speed of that service to a snail’s pace is disgraceful.

The wording of that email is insulting.

It is incredibly poor form, Telstra, to berate and punish a customer by depriving them of a service they are paying for because of a glitch in your own system.

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Speed slowed to walking pace yesterday. Annoyed at Telstra email about it.

Same thing. No letter,no phone call, no email ......NO SERVICE...

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