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SSL Sites Blocked

I'm having trouble with a Telstra Smart Modem Gen. 2 connected by NBN HFC at home. In short, a range of high profile (LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) sites are blocked on https:// connections. When I switch to a 4G connection (paired to my phone or through a 4G Nighthawk mobile router) on the sames device, everything is fine. This has occurred after a recent NBN outage which Telstra resolved. 


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Re: SSL Sites Blocked

What browser are you using when you see this error?

Do you seem the same error if you try a 'private' or 'ingognito' tab? What about in another browser?

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Re: SSL Sites Blocked

Hi Kalak, 


Thanks for replying - in short it doesn't matter whether it's Edge or Chrome and in normal or private the same thing happens. Once I switch to 4G tethered to my phone or am in another location other than home on the broadband, it's all fine ! 


The issue started after an NBN outage so I'm thinking it's something to do with that. 

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Re: SSL Sites Blocked

It could be Telstra broadband protect causing the problem. Telstra Broadband connect can be bypassed by using an non Telstra DNS. To do this log into the modem and go to Advanced > Local Network. Select a non Telstra DNS from the drop down list and save settings. Do this for both DNS IPv4 and IPv6. For new DNS to take effect disconnect and then reconnect your device after changing DNS in modem.

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