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Standard Plus Speed - Not achieving speed

Received email from Telstra notifying me that I am not receiving the speed I am paying for and received a once off refund. The speed according to their test states that my maximum speed is 32965.0Mbps download and 14118.0Mbps. 


Is there any way to increase this speed or is this the maximum speed that my location can receive regardless? Also, Telstra has indicated that I can change my plan to adjust, however I need 500GB plus which provides standard plus speed which is what I am on now. There's no way to get my value for money if my house can't process that kind of speed right? 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Standard Plus Speed - Not achieving speed

I assume you are on FTTN and the reason you can't achieve the plan speed is due to distance from the Node. The only way you can increases the speed is pay for NBN Co to upgrade your service to FTTP.  It cost $330 just for a quote and could cost several thousand dollars to install. I am also on FTTN and got a refund because my speed was below the plan speed. I decided to stay on same plan due to the extra data and other benefits of my plan which included free foxtel now for 24 months.



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