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Star Track said “delivered’ but actually not

Help me Telstra! I ordered 5g modem end of November (first time order). Did not get it. The tracking site provided by Telstra said ‘delivered’ but another tracking site says ‘returned to sender ‘ 


i back and forth talked to Telstra online a few times and I was asked to order again while they wait for the order to go back ( the other tracking site actually says arrived already back to trlstra)


Anyway I ordered a second time and same thing happening . 

i am really upset with Start Track. The tracking site provided by Telstra actually always said “delivered “ even though on their tracking site (for public) says different. 

i am very annoyed by this. Help me please. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Star Track said “delivered’ but actually not

The Startrack tracking site is the only one that should be checked for information. But when you check the information, make sure that you check the dates as the tracking numbers get recycled (the Startrack system is terrible).


Did you confirm with either Startrack or Telstra that the delivery address was correct on the package? Sometimes the wrong address ends up on it (I would check with Startrack first).

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