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I have been trying to get the house phone/ Internet turned on to our new house for the last few weeks now. When I first rang up on the 1st of Feb. to organise a bundle with getting the house phone connected and the Internet the girl that helped me didn't really have much of a clue what she was doing and just signing me up to a bundle package seemed to take around 1hour to process. I asked how long the phone would take to connect as I am on call 24/7 and we need a phone line to dial in to make sure things are OK and her reply was it takes around 24 hours to get the phone connected in your area but as it was a Friday it would be turned on Monday. Which was fair enough I ended up staying in a hotel for the weekend so I could still do my job.


On Saturday the 2nd I received a message saying that there was an assured with my bundle and I had to ring Telstra to sort it out. I rang back immediately to find out that a service that I had changed to a friends account at a previous place where I lived was still in my name and was never changed over to her name she was just put as the primary contact. By doing this if she had decided not to pay her bill the credit rating would come back to me as I was the main account holder. When I left that house we both called up Telstra and were on the phone for about 1 hour organising the new account and changing all the info over this happened around 14 months ago!!! I told the guy on the phone that night that yes I wanted to connect the Internet and phone at my current address and I wanted her to have the account and me not to be a part of it and also wanted a check to make sure that she had payed her bills on time so as I don't have a surprise in the future. He said we would both have to go into a Telstra store to sort this matter out and it cant be done on the phone but he would put threw my account so i got the internet and phone connected he also said that there wouldn’t be a delay and the phone was in to be connected on the Monday.


On Monday the 4th i contacted Telstra again as the house phone was not connected. The lady just told me that the people i had been talking to were pretty much lying to me and for my phone to be connected i would have to wait until the 18th of Feb. as that was when it was really booked in and that also i would have to be there at home to make sure the technician could have access to connect the phone. I explained to her that I have had many new connections over the last 12 years and not once have i had to be home (especially as the home phone had just been disconnected by the old owner and he had also had the internet i could not see why they would need access. couldn’t it all be done from the exchange?) She told me that there could be a problem with the line that they need to inspect and even after me saying that i was talking to her from the phone insisted that there was no way we could bring the date forward an i had to be there for him. I accepted this and left it at that. unfortunately i cant really afford to stay in a hotel for weeks so staying at home and driving 20 min to get to a working phone line was the only option. I can tell u getting woke up at 3am driving 20 min checking if something is ok then driving 20 min home then going to work the next day isn’t really the greatest thing.


Last Thursday the 14th i received a automated call from Telstra saying that my bundle would be connected on the 18th and that they would be coming to my house and to confirm the address. When the address was read out it was wrong no idea how this had happened but i pressed 2 to change it. I got put onto a guy that i could not understand and he could not understand me. He kept saying the wrong address even when i was trying to spell it out and talking slow. i ended up hanging up and calling back later. I explained the situation to the girl and changed my address on the phone but she then told me that the best and fastest way to get my phone connected was to leave the wrong address. Otherwise they would have to redo the order and re do the whole thing meaning i would have a new install date and as i had already organized the day off which is not easy at all and losing the days pay for it i wasn’t going to do it again.


Monday the 18th rolls around and the tech calls up to say that he would be 1/2 hour away. I explained to him that it was for the wrong address and could he please come to my house and do it. he said that because of the number assigned that it couldn’t happen to day and he would have to start the order again with the right address and also said that it would take around 24 hours to process then the phone could get connected. after getting off the phone i rang Telstra complaints to tell them what has been happening the guy had me on the phone for around 1 1/2 hours and had got it all sorted and told me that the phone would be on by 3pm with the internet to follow on Thursday. Also the tech had told me that i did not need to take there day off as all the required work is done in the exchange and wouldn’t even need to come inside. 3pm rolled around still no phone i left it thinking that it could have been a bit late to get it threw and then it might be on in the morning. 1 more sleepless night to go. I then got a text saying that there was a problem with my bundle and to call up this was around 6:30 that night. I called the complaints line as it seems to be the only area that you can get threw to and people can "help" he had told me that there was a problem with the bundle and that it hadn’t gone threw. I would have to wait 24 hours and then he could see what is happening and if there was a problem it is going to take another 5 working days just to see what it is before any action could take place. He told me he would call back in 24 hours to sort this issue out it has now been around 30 hours and due to the time it is i cant see him calling back.


At this point im looking at possibly another sleepless week waiting for this phone to get connected I dont know what to do now as this is just getting so **bleep**ing frustrating it isn’t funny. Every time i call it is just lies and i dont know what the **bleep** is happening. Where the **bleep** do i go from here or is it best to just cancel everything and go with a more competent company?

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