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Static IP address with Gateway Max on ADSL

I recently switched my ADSL service back to a Telstra Home Broadband Bundle and received a Gateway Max (TG799) modem which I'm using wit the service.


The churn worked fine, and I was immediately up and running with the modem without even entering my details as it was using IPoE for the Internet access.


I've been trying to add a Static IP to my service but everytime I requested it through the "Buy Now" option in my account it would saying Pending and that I'd receive an email when the service activated (within an hour) but it never worked, I tried many times over several days with no luck before raising a faults case.


Faults then looked into it and all of a sudden yesterday my Internet connection dropped out (flashing Red internet light), when I checked the modem it said that PPP authentication failed, despite me already having entered my correct username@bigpond.com email address and password. 


I had recently changed the password for this account a couple of days ago and had immediately entered the new password into the modem (despite it seemingly not using it when authenticating with IPoE), however I gather faults did something to enable a static IP on my account switching my port from using IPoE to PPP in the process.


Can anyone else out there with a Static IP and Gateway Max ADSL modem please verify if they using IPoE or PPP for their service connection? Is there any difference for this ? 


I had read elsewhere that IPoE gave BigPond the ability to use different backhaul to that of Telstra Wholesale ?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Static IP address with Gateway Max on ADSL

There is no difference between IPoE and PPP connections. They will use different backhauls, but this is due to the infrastructure of the network and in most cases, customers will not notice a difference in their experience between the two. 


- Shelly

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