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Static IP Blocked (XBL)



If any tech is willing to help.


Currently my Static IP being used is recorded by Telstra as having a XBL entry via Spamhaus.


Due to this Telstra is disallowing the use of the outbound SMTP server mail.bigpond.com on port 25


Returning a error code "554 Connection refused due to a XBL listing"


This however is incorrect as all XBL,CBL listings have been removed.

The XBL,CBL listings were removed 3 days ago to the posting of this message.


Any help would be grateful





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Re: Static IP Blocked (XBL)

Hi Lemy,


Have you tried to check if your domain is also blacklisted or perhaps tried to restart your modem since the blacklist was removed? All blacklisting and blocking is done outside of Telstra's network so your best bet would be to followup with Spamhaus to make sure your IP has been fully removed from the XBL.


I'm a Telstra employee posting on my own volition, my opinions and comments are my own and may not reflect Telstra's values and policies.

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