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Streaming - constant disconnections (NBN) - throttling/limiter?



I'm having some problems with my NBN connection during streaming. To give a bit of a background to the situation, I occasionally do some live streaming on Twitch (and sometimes other streaming services). About a month ago, I was on cable connection and I was able to maintain a stable ~1900 Kbps (my bitrate) for about 3 hours+ (or more, but I haven't tried).


Then I switched to Telstra NBN and I haven't been able to maintain s stable stream for more than 45 minutes. Sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less. My stream connection would drammatically start to drop frames and bitrate (from ~1900Kbps to ~100 to ~10 to 0); within a few seconds it would disconnect. Sometimes it would fluctuate to 6000Kbps before breaking.


I've tried to re-stream immediately after the disconnection, but it would either stay at 0Kbps or it would struggle at a few hundred before breaking again.


Please note that I only have my streaming software, the game I'm playing and chat programs loaded during the stream session. 


As soon as I notice a drop in the stream connection, I quickly try to test if I can view websites and online videos. Videos would generally start to buffer or freeze and websites may take a long time to load or not load at all. 


I've used various sites to test my connection speeds, including and


Depending on the test site, it would seem that my upload speed can range from 15Mbps (before streaming) to few hundred Kbps (during the failed attempt to stream). Though, there are times that the upload tests would fail or freeze up.


I've also checked using Twitch Inspector, which shows the drops.


Other information:


- Yes, I've restarted, unplugged and replugged the devices.


- The modem I have been given appears to be a re-branded Sagemcom f@ast 5355 (Telstra Gateway Max), but I haven't been able to locate the details such as attenuation line speed within the modem's console. 


- The device that connects the modem to the coax line is an Arris Touchstone CM820.


- I use an ethernet cable to connect from the modem to my computer.


- There are no other devices sharing the Internet. Though, my phone does use the wireless, I have tested it being turned off.


- Before I had lost my Telstra Cable access, when my NBN was still in the early stages of being provisioned, I switched back to the Cable connection and the problems seem to disappear. This would at least eliminate the possibility of the ethernet cable being the issue.


I can't quite tell, but it seems like there some kind of limitter or throttling happening with my current connection. It's as if something on Telstra's end is detecting that I'm pumping x amount of data to a point, then it would kick in and stop me from doing anything more (downloading or uploading).


Or there is some weird issue with the node or other connection points that I'm not aware of.


Please let me know if anyone can help, or if there are some other ways to check, or someone I can get in contact with to solve this issue.


Thank you

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Streaming - constant disconnections (NBN) - throttling/limiter?

Hi @MartyMc


Welcome to CrowdSupport.


It looks like you've done a fair amount of troubleshooting already, so thanks for all that information.


The one thing I would suggest testing to rule out any issues with the modem would be to turn the modem off, remove it and connect your PC / Laptop directly to the yellow data socket on the Arris box and see if you're still having issues with streaming.


If this resolves the problem then we can at least look at a possible fault with the modem itself, however if you're still experiencing issues I would suggest contacting the tech team on 1800 834 273.


- Justyn

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Re: Streaming - constant disconnections (NBN) - throttling/limiter?

Hi Justyn,


Thank you for the response. I will try out your suggestion over the next few days and see how it goes.

I'll post any updates here.



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