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sudden drop in NBN FTC upload speed but only on ethernet

I work from home and do a lot of videoconferencing. Have had problems for about two days with upload speed slowing to a crawl and causing all sorts of quality issues. Have done a few hours of troubleshooting without a fix so far


The problem is only on ethernet on my Dell XPS 13 Windows 10 laptop. Regardless of whether I am connected via the network adaptor in the Dell docking station and also a USB network adapter. Upload speed is about 0.1 Mbps while it was consistently around 8-10 Mbps until yesterday


All is fine on wifi. Download speed remains excellent.


Have tried multiple cables and also connected straight in to the back of the Telstra Smart Modem (Technicolor version).


My chromebook and an old surface pro running up to date Windows 10 are OK on ethernet... including on the same cables and plugged in to the same ports as the Dell.


Have rebooted computer and the modem multiple times. strangely, when I reboot the modem, my Telstra speedtest result (if done quickly enough) shows all OK. But a minute or two later the problem recurs.


I wondered if this might be something to do with IP allocation conflict so I gave the Dell a fixed IP address and rebooted... but that was no help.


Other attempted fixes that didn't work include changing DNS server settings. re-installing the network adapter driver and a host of others that I can't remember right now.


was thinking this problem might have come with the most recent Windows update. But can't find evidence that others are having a similar problem and the Surface Pro is fine.


Apologies for the long post - and I'm not convinced this is a problem with my modem or NBN connection... just hoping someone might have some tips for me.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: sudden drop in NBN FTC upload speed but only on ethernet

You could try solutions 4 and 7 in this link.

Level 4: Private Eye

Re: sudden drop in NBN FTC upload speed but only on ethernet

Much appreciated cf4 I came across your advice to someone a few months ago... who had similar problems. So I'd given that a go before I posted my query... apologies for not including that info... but it didn't do the job.

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