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Super Fast Speed Boost


We switched over to NBN yesterday which was quite painless and we have the NBN Super Fast Speed Boost enabled. 

Our connection type is Super Fast - NBN HFC Technology Type

Does it take some time for the Super fast speed boost to kick in?  

According to speed test I am  53 down 38 up. I know the speeds are the maximum you can get, but 1/2 of that speed at 6:30am in the morning is not quite right, espeically on HFC.

I called this morning and had the 'generic' troubleshooting (is your modem lights on etc.) and then the final advise is that an NBN technician would be required to attend my house (he was just here yesterday!) 

Anyone else having similar problems?

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Re: Super Fast Speed Boost

Run the Telstra SpeedTest 


As the results show up,  use keyboard button PrintScreen  to save copies of both each of the results as images, then you can compare them from time to time, .


Example,  with other users, my rural area NBN Wireless today showing 


Download Speed 45399 Kbs (5674.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed 16956 Kbs (2119.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Latency 40 ms

Jitter 3 ms

Packet Loss -1%



Despite this, am finding the   audio-radio news still stalls from time to time.



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