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Switched to NBN, now Bigpond email won't send

Switched over today from Telstra cable to Telstra NBN. Now, all of a sudden Outllook 2013 on my MacBook Air or Mail on iPhone won't send Bigpond emails. Receiving is fine. Nothing else has changed. Everything worked fine before. If I disconnect computer from WiFi and use my phone as a hotspot it works. And if I turn WiFi off on phone Mail will send. And I have made sure IMAP settings are as per Telstra's suggestions. Could it be a setting on the new Telstra modem?

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Re: Switched to NBN, now Bigpond email won't send

Telstra/Bigpond settings are here:



You could try using Port 25 for outgoing (smtp.telstra.com) server  and also maybe try changing the DNS in the modem, I use Cloudflare, but there are a few to choose from.


If those don't work we can look at other reasons..  There are no settings in the modem that should affect that, I certainly haven't had to set anything special.




Do your devices work OK on the internet otherwise, as far as you are aware?

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