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Switching from Cable Internet to NBN - What about my FAX Machine & Panasonic DECT Phones?

Hi Guys,  I am so frastrated because every time I have a change in Telstra technology I have to go through a lot of pain.


I received a letter from Telstra notifying me that my area is now NBN ready.  I have been on high speed Telstra Gateway Max (Netgear C6300) cable router ("Router") for some time now and have a bundle that covers my Internet, landline and mobile phone.  I am currently using Epron Stylus Office printer/scanner fax machine and Panasonic 5 stations cordless phone system on my landline ("Analogue Devices").


I called Telstra today and asked what is involved to swith to the NBN.  Tech support checked everything and told me that I do not need to do anything except give Telstra the right instruction to swith to the NBN.  The answers I got from the support person left me puzzled (no need to repeat my long conversation).


How do I maintain my existing Analog Devices working with the Router if there is no physical connection available?  The Router does not have the correct connections and if there an interface available how do I make it work if I do not have physical access between the Router and the Analogue Devices (or the RJ45 phone outlets).


Is there a way to make the Analogue Devices connect via WiFi to the Router?


I presume the Router is now outdated as there is a new Telstra Gateway Max 2 ("Router 2") on the market.  Does the new Router 2 solve my problem?  I was told that Telstra offers VOIP devices but there is no mention of Fax Machines interface.


Can anyone help?





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Re: Switching from Cable Internet to NBN - What about my FAX Machine & Panasonic DECT Phones?

You should get a new router with a RJ11 phone port for analogue phones. It also works with some fax machines. Unless you specifically request the MAX II you will receive the F@st 5355 which only has two LAN ports. The MAX II cost extra, the standard gateway is supplied at no extra cost.

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Re: Switching from Cable Internet to NBN - What about my FAX Machine & Panasonic DECT Phones?

Thank you for the reply. Why would Telstra dispatch a useless device if my existing Router does the job?

I am sure it is their obligation to transform my existing network to the NBN. It appears to be the customer who needs to figure out all the problems.

What would be the best router to deal with Cable NBN and Analogue Devices?

Does anyone know of a solution that connects Analogue Devices ( I.e RJ11 connection) to the Router or a new router via Wifi?
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Switching from Cable Internet to NBN - What about my FAX Machine & Panasonic DECT Phones?

If you connect the main base station of your Panasonic DECT phone into the green port 1 on the back of the provided modem, you should be able to continue to use your handsets. Most analogue phone will continue to work in this manner.


If you have multiple telephone sockets in your home and there is a telephone socket near the modem, you may be able to activate the additional sockets connected to your internal wiring by connecting a telephone cable from the green port 1 on your modem to that telephone socket. If you need assistance with this option, please seek the assistance of a private technician.


- Shelly

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