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Technical Support Suspect Calls

Hi All.
So I get a call with an automated message that my broadband and phone line will be disconnected.
I press an option to speak to a technician. I get connected to a person of unknown origin with super heavy accent, very difficult to understand. He is coaching me to let him help me to resolve my issue with internet.
First of all: I don't have an issue with internet, all is fine but go on...
He then starts talking about my modem being hacked and he will take me through step by step how to fix it. I hesitate.
He bullishly insists that I have willingly proceeded through options to get my problem fixed.
At this point I stop the guy and tell him that I have a concerns that this call is not legit.
And that I would like his name, his ID and a number so I can call back to verify.
He gives me a name: Adam Louson but doesn't want to give me an id or phone number to call he reassures me that all this is legit he insists
about taking me step by step through troubleshooting and that he will pass me onto his manager and that all will become apparent soon.
I still wasn't convinced and started strongly insisting to get his ID and number to call back, after about 30s of this back and forth he calls me a **bleep**ing idiot and hags up.
Now Telstra what is going on? I can’t get in touch with anyone to verify, when I call 13 number you send me messages with links to websites that don’t work. The hyperlinks freeze. No real person to talk to or verify.
Telstra did you have a security breach recently, have you lost control completely are you going to provide effective help to your customers or are you going to send jobs offshore to questionable regions with super volatile systems that jeopardise Australians cyber security.
Shame on you it looks like all you care about is the bottom line.
You are fired!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Technical Support Suspect Calls

You can ignore the call it is from a scammer who will either try to get personal details from you or persuade you to grant them access to a device on your network or install malicious software. I get several of these calls every year. Telstra has not been hacked the scammers call random numbers and because Telstra is the biggest telco say they are calling from Telstra. Even when I was with another ISP I had these calls supposedly from Telstra.

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