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Technician Call out fee

Last month our internet was not working at all for 4 days just happened to be over a weekend, called on Friday but a technician couldn't come out till Monday.


The technician came out, determined the issue, went across the road and opened the pit, fixed up a cable and then our internet was working again.


I expected that as the issue was not to do with our modem or even on our property that we would not have to pay the technician call out fee. But this month was surprised when there was a $120 fee which is listed on my bill as "Support IT - In Home" but I have confirmed with the help desk is from the technician.


I argued with the help desk that I didn't think I should have to pay for this they called another department(didn't let me speak to them) and relayed as the technician needed to do work this is a fee I am liable for.


Is this correct that I am liable if the technician has fixed cables in the pit across the road. How do I go about resolving this if I am correct as arguing with the call centre people never seems to get anywhere



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Re: Technician Call out fee

Raise an online complaint.


You will be assigned a complaints manager whose job is to investigate if the charge was fairly applied.


Things like, you being notified of potential charges prior to the work will come into play.


I may be wrong but if a tech is sent out as part of a faults process I believe it ISN'T supposed to be a Support IT - In Home type of appointment (which is usually requested by the customer in terms of in home support rather than fixing faults issues...


Hope this gets resolved (also if you believe this is unfair get the bill to be placed under dispute so you don't get late payment fees etc...)

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Technician Call out fee

Hi @rodan,


That doesn't sound right at all, this sounds like something that may be best handled by our formal complaints process, which we have more information on here:


That way we can get a case manager assigned to you to follow this through until it is resolved.

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Re: Technician Call out fee

Thanks @LenOval and @thedylan. It didn't sound right to me either I will raise a Formal Complaint and hopefully it gets resolved

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