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Technician Fee

I have been charged a technician fee that I was never advised I would be charged. I have an ongoing service issue with my internet (constant drop outs and slow speeds). As part of this they came out and replaced a plug in my house. I wasn't home at the time my daughter was. she never agreed to any charges. I don't believe I should pay this as I was never advised of the charge or given the opportunity to say no to it.

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Re: Technician Fee

Well, if you would not agree to the charge, they would most probably left without replacing the plug in your house and maybe leaving you with your problem (btw, did it fix it?)... You should realise that the plug is your property and that you are responsible for it. If you would not agree to the charge, technician would probably suggest to you to get authorised electrician to do it for you - you would pay the same or maybe even more...
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