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Telstra Air Wifi connects to Chromecast but not to various Internet connections !

I purchased a second chromecast identical to my first one a few days ago. ( First one got lost)


The first one connected fine to all my virtual router hotspots and also toTelstra Air,absolutely no problems.Tried on 3 different TVscreens (none of them were smart TVs and had no build in Internet but Chromecast connected to the Internet via the hotspots and virtual router )


Now I have the problem that the Chromecast will connect to Telstar Air and all my virtual hotspots (on laptop and phone ) but will no longer connect to the Internet.. I get various error messages that Chromecast might not support these types of Internet connections.In my case I have a Sierra wireless 3g card which is a mobile Internet dongle for my laptop and a phone with Telstra.


Could it be that the connecting gateways have been changed?


I can't find an explanation anywhere.

Nowhere on the box does it state that Chromecast only works with hard wired Internet connections.


The shop won't take it back because I have opened the box.


Is there a tricky way to make it connect to the Internet?

There are youtube clips about how to connect without wifi by using 2 devices (eg 2 phones)

Tried that ,did not work either.






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