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Telstra and NBN Service levels

As an ex Telstra Field Service Group manager I find the current service levels unbelievable. Last Thursday morning we received a text saying our smart modem had cut over to 4G because of an outage. That evening we received another text saying it was fixed. Checked the Modem and still on 4G. Reset the modem didn't help. No number provided to call if you didn't come back up. The next morning I have to call the Philippines to try to get the outage failure rectified. Listen to all the normal crap and finally end up talking to a lady working from home whose English is barely acceptable. She tells me that they will send a NBN tech out in SIX DAYS to my property. I tell her that is a 1 Per cent co-incidence and more likely there is still an issue with the outage. Like talking to the wall so I ask for a supervisor. No can't do that because of Covid and working from home. I ask for a manager in Australia to call me. No can't do that all the managers are now invisible and don't talk to customers. Gave up and messaged my local member who to be fair did get a Telstra person from Melbourne to ring but he was clerical not technical and all I got were platitudes and sympathy but no action. Then I receive a text from NBN on Wed 23/6 asking me to respond to be sure I will be in attendance at the property. Then last night I receive another text saying NBN have done some more testing (finally) and they will not need to attend (well somebody finally tested it, really I told them that a week ago). Low and behold this morning after being down for over a week it is back up and we finally have decent speed levels. There is absolutely no doubt that the following needs to happen.

1. Provide a special number to handle issues where customers do not come back up after an outage rather than subject them to the hopeless normal fault reporting system. I don't care if it is a single use number for that outage.

2. Place a service guarantee (remember them Telstra used to have them) on the NBN which penalises them financially if they do not repair a service in 48 hours so we don't get any more of this SIX DAYS until an appointment crap.

3. Move up the date to get Telstra's call centers back in country and fix Telstra's escalation procedures. Never have I been able to get any sense out of their overseas call centers over the years I have had to suffer dealing with them.

In conclusion I suppose this is what you get when you turn your telecommunications over to resellers and insulate the real service provider (in this case NBN) from the customer.

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