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Telstra atrocious technical support service

I've been trying to get connected to Telstra NBN for several months now. I moved to a new house and the previous owner took the NBN box with him and he's no longer reachable. Long story short, after several technician appointments organised by Telstra (where the NBN Co technician never showed up even once) they sent me a self-install NBN box kit after about a month begging their support to send me one if they cannot organise a technician.

The modem drops gets connected (all 4 lights green) and then the connection drops out after about 1 hour followed by 2-3 hours trying to connect again (blinking upstream or downstream lights).

Every time I call support I have a feeling I'm calling someones home on the weekend! They're either eating their food, chewing loudly in the speaker, put me on hold for hours! (literally hours! and I'm not exaggerating) or simply hang up on me! Just 5 mins ago I called support and the their support person told me to wailt and just hang up on me after 20 min. My problems is not solved, I still don't have Internet, I cannot do my work (I work in IT). I feel like complaining to Telstra is just a waste of time.

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Re: Telstra atrocious technical support service

Give the Telstra Troubleshooting page a try.

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Re: Telstra atrocious technical support service

Hi 'niko86',

Let me just put my beer down!!!!!

Your 'nbn' (no bloody network!!!!!) into your dwelling, is it:

+ Fiber to the premises,

+ Fiber to the 'node',

+ Co-Axial cable to the 'nbn' box - This type is rare but in a lot of 'older suburbs' where when the house sells, due to the size of the blocks, most houses are demolished & a stack of 'town-houses' are built, so the 'nbn' are using existing 'Foxtel' cabling. This also occurs where the 'Foxtel' cabling is available and the telephone wire looms are older the earth itself!!!!!

Once I know those details, I may be able to narrow it down itself.

When it comes to booking an appointment with the 'nbn' PLEASE understand that the 'nbn' have NOTHING to do with Telstra. So WTF happens is that Telstra & the 'nbn' co. arrange a date to both be there and all is good. The 'nbn' runs late on their job lists, so your job gets deleted, not bumped back but deleted as it was logged as 'not commenced' so you start over again. It is a pharking nightmare. I honestly book two appointments, being the first MUST be the 'nbn' and they will have everything supposedly going. Then organise with Telstra to either post another modem out to you or if you are not sure exactly WTF you need to do & being honest, a lot of people aren't 100% sure, you can then contact the Telstra 'Help Centre' and thus you have the latest modem and serial numbers and can start from there.

P.S. What state are you in & pissed is not a state BUT being Aussie & with 'Rona' around, it helps put up with family!!!!! I asked state as some states are having a LOT of problems Vs. others.
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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra atrocious technical support service

Hi Niko not a great experience at all, you can perform some basic trouble shooting steps here if this does not resolve your issues it will escalate you to a faults team for further assistance.



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