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Telstra Cable 3.0

Last year I signed up with a new broadband package and I was told that in my area the network was using "Cable 3.0" . Recently I have been advised that the NBN rollout is coming through our street and I was wondering if I would have to move from Cable 3.0 to the NBN? Anyone know?

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Re: Telstra Cable 3.0

This depends entirely on what plans NBN has for your area.

Many areas the HFC Cable transfers to NBN. You'd then get a small cable adaptor (basic cable modem) and a Telstra NBN Gateway.

You would also want to make sure if/when you transfer to NBN that you pick a service with an appropriate speed boost as the standard speed is 25/5, where you may be getting as high as 100/2 on your current cable service.
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Re: Telstra Cable 3.0

To answer the question of if you will have to move over, yes, you will have to move over at least within the 18 month transfer period. If you haven't moved over at the end of the 18 month transfer period then it will go into a forced disconnection under the NBN policy.
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