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Telstra Cable C6300BD Issue Accessing Certain Websites

Hi, I have two websites both hosted by Webcity and I can't access either via my cable modem. Here is the testing I have done:


access via cellular works

access via other internet service providers/networks at other homes and offices works

access via Ethernet or wifi devices (desktop, laptop, tablets, etc) at home don't work

access via the same tablets at home when switched to cellular, work

reset cable modem - no improvement


I would like to change the DNS on the modem, however Telstra have locked these down.


It seems to be a Telstra issue. Any thoughts?



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Re: Telstra Cable C6300BD Issue Accessing Certain Websites

have the IP addresses of the websites changed recently?


can you traceroute them or use pingplotter?


Does it make a difference if you change the DNS on 1 PC? <--sub out google's DNS for DNS of you choice if need be



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Re: Telstra Cable C6300BD Issue Accessing Certain Websites

What error message do you get when you are accessing the sites?


Can you access the cPanel through websiteaddress:2082?


Have you tried with the www and without (I had this happen previously)?


Try and let me know if you can access it.

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