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Telstra cable constant lag/latency every 30-60 seconds

I'm on Telstra cable, and have been getting a latency that comes in waves every 30-60 seconds or so. Sometimes it'll be perfectly fine for an hour or so.


After searching this problem on crowdsupport and whirlpool forums, I think my problem is my upstream channel power level being very high. It's at 57.0 dBmV.

My downsteam SNR are all around 40dB, which I think it's fine.


I have tried connecting to other frequencies, turned off DLNA, UPnP, set up port triggering for 1024-65535, tried different DNS. None of them had really fixed my problem.


I have got the super boost add-on for my cable service, but the lag can happen when no one around the house is using the internet as well. I'm connected to my CG3100D-2 thru a powerline adaptor which is similar to ethernet, I don't think that's the cause, at least it's certainly better than wifi option.


I've had technicians that came in the past twice, when we had some corrosion issues with the connectors outside our house on the street. They ran tests after and checked our modem connections. I didn't know my upstream channel power level was too high back then, so didn't get a chance to ask him about it.


Is this problem something that can be fixed? and can it be done on my end by myself? I just want to try and find a solution here rather than having to call up, it sucks that they don't have the online support for broadband servives anymore.




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Re: Telstra cable constant lag/latency every 30-60 seconds

Just wanted to add, my download speed is still relatively fast during the times that I get high ping.

The ping problem is for gaming, and connecting to OCE server, so it's not international servers.
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Re: Telstra cable constant lag/latency every 30-60 seconds

upstream of 57 is still indicative of a fault


Sounds like you will have to make another call about it

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