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telstra cable issue , can't access some websites

hi there

my telstra cable got a funny issue that i have internet connection,but i can't reach some websites. so i tried few ways:


1/ I use my phone (vodafone)to access a chinese supllier website,, working well.

2/ I use my desktop with cable wifi to access ,fail,couldn't load page,then i tried iphone ipad and laptop, all the same problem, so i sure its service issue.

3/I checked my modem setting,i find out modem can't ping dns server, always out of time.


4/ I called 132200,but team member only can say they can't fix this issue on their end,


what should i do?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: telstra cable issue , can't access some websites

Change the DNS setting in the modem both IPv4 and IPv6 to non Telstra DNS by using the drop down list in the modem at Advanced > Local network. After saving changes either reboot modem or disconnect and reconnect devices.



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